[shane macgowan] streets of sorrow


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This is an icon- and graphicjournal.
Occasionally a tutorial, maybe a layout if I can come up with something good.
I don't neccessary make icons and graphics just of my own fandoms, so feel free to make a request - just make a comment somewhere or send a personal message  (I probably won't say no),
or take a look at the tags and you might find what you're looking for.
Take whatever you want, but please comment and credit, and do not alter any icons or graphics. They are not bases.

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[shane macgowan] streets of sorrow

#058: tutorial

Tutorial 03 - Jack Black

Request: a tutorial for the coloring used in this batch.
I didn't save the .psd, but I tried to re-create it, and I think it's close enough. ;)



Photoshop 7.0
Involves selective coloring, levels and curves.
5 steps.

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